Static website for the 2019 Federal Elections in Switzerland, displaying the results with alternative election methods.

Ажурирано пре 2 недеља

VueJS plugin to annotate Data Visualization.

Ажурирано пре 4 месеци

Character sheet for Dishonored: the Roleplaying Game, to use on Roll20. Feel free to fork and do whatever you want with it.

Ажурирано пре 6 месеци

Mini-site boilerplate for the Human-IST Institute.

Ажурирано пре 9 месеци

JSON schema for Colvis.

Ажурирано пре 11 месеци

Character Sheet for Wulin, to be used on the Roll20 Platform.

Ажурирано пре 1 година

Ажурирано пре 1 година

Vue 0 0

Website for IHM 2016 Conference.

Ажурирано пре 2 година

Generator for the mini-sites of the Human-IST Institute.

Ажурирано пре 2 година

The Interactive Maps platform compares law instruments related to climate-induced migration

Ажурирано пре 2 година

vue / cordova based travel app for clisel project

Ажурирано пре 2 година